The simplest way to really get to know BDO is to meet us. A few minutes spent talking to us and you’ll soon understand why it’s our people that make our firm special.

There are several ways you can come and introduce yourself. Look out for BDO at careers fairs at university campuses near you. This is where we run events such as skills sessions and presentations. Alternatively, come along to an Insight Day at one of our offices, and get a feel of our lively working environment.

Campus events

Interested in meeting us?

By far the best way to find your career path is to chat to the people who are already on it. That’s why we’ll soon be coming to a campus near you to share first-hand about what we do at BDO. You can pre-register and let us know to expect you for anyone of our campus events below.

Insight day

This is a chance to see inside BDO and look behind the scenes at what we actually do here.

We hold Insight Days at our offices around the country. They help break through all the mystique surrounding accountancy and businesses – showing you the real people that our clients depend on. It’s a great day of discovery.

Online forum sessions

We appreciate it's not always possible to come along to an event we're attending. This is why we're embracing a new digital platform which allows you to meet with us in a forum environment. We host regular sessions and we cover a variety of topics. You can secure a place on each of these events below.

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Trainee case studies

Read about the experiences of some of our current trainees.

Find out what attracted them to BDO in the first place. Which parts of the recruitment and training process they found the most challenging and interesting. And how the whole experience has made an impact on their lives.

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