At BDO, we’re looking for strikingly different people to work with us and our clients. Whatever your background, you could be absolutely right for BDO.

We recognise that your qualifications and work experience don’t tell us your full story. This is why our entire recruitment process follows a strength based approach, so we can find out what you care about and what you enjoy doing. These are your strengths and they paint us a bigger picture about you and your suitability to join us.

To really stand out in your application, we recommend taking the time to learn more about us, checking out the roles available and whether you see yourself thriving within them.


Our recruitment team have prepared some useful hints and tips to help you succeed in your application to join us, here at BDO.

As an extra measure, you can also visit to learn more about strengths-based recruitment. On this site you’ll have the opportunity to assess your personal strengths and complete some practice tests. You can’t prepare any answers for our tests, but these practice tests will help to give you a better understanding of the overall strength-based process.

Achieving my potential

‘Achieving my potential’ is BDO’s organisational framework. It is made up of 4 key elements – core competencies, technical competencies, values and attitude. In essence, what you do and how you do it. We know that certain behaviours and strengths are critical to being a successful graduate or apprentice who joins BDO. Because these are the strengths that matter to our clients and will support your on-going success. We will be assessing you in our recruitment process against strengths which are aligned to our core competencies:

Business thinking

These competencies support individuals in understanding the business strategy and goals, to be aware of the pressures, threats and opportunities for  the firm and use this insight to drive and achieve results.


These competencies support individuals to understand, create and share information with others in a clear and concise way which suits the audience and to achieve the desired result.

Decision making

These competencies support individuals to use reasoned approaches and agreed processes to choose a course of action in order to reach a suitable conclusion, achieve a desired result and minimise risk whilst doing so.

Developing yourself and others

These competencies support individuals to show commitment to their own development, support and encourage others to develop their knowledge, skills and behaviour to enable self and others to reach their full potential and perform for the wider benefit of the firm.


These competencies support individuals to work together enables people to willingly work with others in a way that is mutually beneficial, delivers exceptional service and achieves business goals thus creating and sustaining a culture of forming alliances and pooling resources for the benefit of the firm and its clients.

Innovating and change

These competencies support individuals to think creatively, generate new ideas and approaches, seek opportunities that will benefit the firm and its clients; adapt to changing needs, accept new and different ways of working.

Applying online

You need to demonstrate a deep understanding of the role and business area you're applying for in your online application.

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Video interviews

We’ll be looking for evidence of what you do well and enjoy doing in your video interview to make sure you're a good fit for our firm.

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Assessment day

Our Assessment day will require you to take part in a continuous assessment with some key objectives to achieve by the end of the day.

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We know you might have some questions, so we have prepared a list of answers for commonly asked questions.

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We're looking for strikingly different people


Video interviews

We'll be looking for evidence of what you do well and enjoy doing.

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Assessment Day

Be yourself, get involved in the tasks, and take the time to work out if BDO is right for you.

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We know you might have some questions, so we have prepared a list of answers for commonly asked questions.

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Meet our people

The simplest way to really get to know BDO is to meet us.

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