Meet our trainees achieving their potential

Our people are some of the best at what they do. Hungry to learn and inspired to achieve their full potential, our trainees excel because of their desire to succeed.

Below, you’ll hear more from our trainees who with hard work and determination have shown a real commitment to their career and to delivering exceptional customer service to our clients.

Or alternatively, come and ask your questions to them on the platform.

Eric Wong, Graduate Programme

Eric first heard about BDO at a careers fair which piqued his interest in a career in the finance sector.

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Daniel Hook, Graduate Programme

Daniel studied Economics at university and has enjoyed the variety of exciting clients he’s worked with from seeing start-ups grow to media and tech clients.

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Emily James, Apprenticeship

Emily joined BDO when she turned 18 and was surprised at how quickly she was given responsibility to speak with clients one to one and hasn’t looked back since.

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Jing Zhao, Graduate Programme

Jing values the friendly working culture here at BDO and thinks that choosing BDO as the starting point of her career was the right choice.

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Hash Mahendran, Graduate Programme

Hash had worked a year in finance before coming to BDO and wanted a career in Audit that offered the variety he craved.

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Jasmine Smith, Graduate Programme

Jasmine studied a Law degree enjoying a module in tax and decided to pursue it further into a career with BDO.

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Mark Weiler, Apprenticeship

Mark applied to BDO after his gap year and is really enjoying his experience working here and gel with similar communities to him.

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