What we do

BDODrive delivers a range of compliance, outsourcing and advisory services with the view of providing a full range of business services to help our clients realise their goals.

Compliance is around helping clients navigate the day to day challenges of doing business in the UK and so our training helps individuals understand the regulations, laws and accounting standards.  Using our technical expertise we then advise clients and help them with issues ranging from business regulation through to complex accounting.

Outsourcing is a fast growing part of the business, seeking to take the day to day strain away from clients so they can focus on their many other business challenges.  Our training ensures individuals are familiar with the latest technology and solutions, and helps people be familiar with the day to day responsibilities of operating a business finance function.  The role also looks at how new technology can really help clients get a better understand how their business is performing.

Advisory is about using the expertise within BDO to help clients unblock the obstacles and deliver insights to help clients realise their goals.  Our training helps individuals work closely with clients, and with wider teams in BDO, to develop an understanding of how to find solutions for clients and help businesses plan for the future.

In 2017 we launched BDODrive which is focused on working with clients to help them realise their goals, joining up the expertise of BDO in the UK and internationally, to help our clients have the best chance of succeeding.

Who we work with

Our client base is diverse ranging from early stage businesses through to large groups.  Our approach however is about really working closely with our clients to see how we can help them.  Whether the business is an early stage growth business, an established family business, or the UK arm of an international business, all of our clients represents an exciting business where we encourage teams to understand the challenges they face and seek to bring expertise to help them.  Our clients enjoy working with BDO and we are proud of how everyone is focused on delivering a personal client service to those businesses.

Businesses of any size represent a great opportunity to understand how companies works, and by working alongside them we often see first hand how organisations adapt to a changing world.

Something a little different

BDODrive has a reputation in BDO for doing things differently and we have been allowed within the firm to test new ideas early.  We adopted cloud technology early, developed our client experience tool in 2017, we are the first to try new business applications and see how we worked with BDO Australia and with Corporate Finance to deliver new services focused on growth business.  We pride ourselves on being agile in approach and constantly try to find new ways of working.

We also seek to foster a sense of shared ownership in this part of the business, removing traditional reporting structures and encouraging individuals to share ideas and engage in what we are doing?  We do this because we believe that in the fast changing economy, the best ideas come from engaging with our team and with our clients.  We also think our clients like to work with people engaged in the business and with a naturally inquisitive nature to try and find better ways of doing things.

Using the expertise within BDO to help clients



Outsourcing is a fast growing part of the business, seeking to take the day to day strain away from clients so they can focus on their many other business challenges.

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Global outsourcing

When a business operates internationally, it has to deal with a wide variety of local accounting requirements.

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How to apply

BDO is a strikingly different business – focused on providing exceptional service for a diverse range of clients.

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We ask candidates to choose the programme and office location which interests them.

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